Perfect Care Pool Service

Pool Care With Our Professional Maintenance Services!

If you own a pool, you know that it takes time and dedication to maintain its appearance. Luckily, there are professionals you can hire to do the work for you!

The pros have the equipment and chemicals to keep your pool in good shape. They also save you time and money by not having to constantly buy materials for the job.


Vacuuming a pool is a weekly task that’s important to keep the water clear. This process is a good way to get rid of dirt, leaves and other unwanted debris that could otherwise blow onto the surface or settle in the bottom.

In fact, vacuuming your pool might be one of the most important steps in ensuring your water stays clean and safe for swimming. It also helps maintain the health of your family by removing dust, bacteria and other particles that may be harmful to your skin or breathing.

Luckily, there are many different types of vacuums available that will meet your pool cleaning needs. From handheld vacuums to automated ones that can be set up and operated remotely, there is sure to be a model that is right for your needs. The most important thing is to remember to use it correctly, and to follow the directions to the letter. Keeping your pool clean can be difficult if you aren’t careful, but it is well worth the effort.


Keeping your pool clean is not an easy task, but it’s important for your health and safety. If you don’t keep up with it, dirt, sand, leaves and other debris can build up in your pool and make it unsafe for swimmers.

Our professional cleaning services include brushing, a process that removes any buildup of dirt and scum. Brushing will also help prevent algae from growing in your pool.

Algae requires nutrients, sunlight and somewhere to grow, so it’s important to brush your pool at least once a week.

A swimming pool is a big investment and it should be maintained well to ensure you get the best return on your money. A poorly maintained pool will detract from the value of your property and can even be a red flag to potential buyers!

Choosing to hire a pool maintenance service is an excellent way to maintain your pool and ensure it’s safe for use. It can help you save time and hassle, as well as provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your pool is being taken care of.


A pool shock treatment is a quick way to clear up a variety of issues, including hazy or cloudy water and algae blooms. However, it is important to use the right type of product for the job and follow proper safety procedures.

Most importantly, the correct time for shocking your pool is critical to getting the results you want. Typically, shock is applied after dusk when it can work without being exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Common types of chemicals used for this purpose include calcium hypochlorite (also known as cal hypo) and sodium hypochlorite. These options are most often sold in granular form and need to be dissolved into water before being added to the pool. This helps prevent the chemical from discoloring the water and staining the liner or floor of the pool.

Acid Wash

Acid washing is a standard procedure used to remove stains from the surfaces of pool walls and bottoms. These stains are caused by years of exposure to grime and algae.

The acids that are used to wash the stains can also help to reduce mineral buildup in the pool and to prevent bacterial blooms. This is a great way to keep your pool looking its best!

Stains can be caused by calcium deposits that develop over time. These stains can be difficult to remove with traditional cleaning methods.

A professional pool cleaning technician will drain your pool and scrub the sides before applying a muriatic acid solution. The pool is then rinsed with soda ash to neutralize the waste water and refilled.

Acid washing can be done on concrete, plaster or stone pools. However, it is extremely dangerous work if not done correctly or with the correct safety protocols.